About Salice sunglasses and helmets

Salice is the sports brand of Italy!

A full line of sunglasses and helmets that denote particular attention to design and continuous technological innovation to improve performance of athletes and provide advanced products for cyclists.

The brand name is derived from the founding family, to which the current CEO Anna Salice is the third generation in charge. Salice, is today, as much as ever, synonymous with speed, sport, energy and adrenaline, concepts on which this brand has always focused its efforts in all fields competitions to which it is committed.

Salice is especially designed to serve the security products: are produced with the invaluable help of the athletes, so that everyone can enjoy the protection of goggles and masks of high quality. Salice collections are guaranteed by the 'Italian' product, fully realized in Italy: an affection for our flag always stands on all the accessories collection.