About Nitro Coldbrew Coffee


The process of crafting a quality cold brew requires patience and dedication. Frank and Earnest Single Origin Coldbrew is produced from filtered water and brewed for 18 hours using our freshly roast and ground coffee. We then use a custom filtration process to create a perfectly clear and crisp brew.

Using this method allows us to perfectly present the different flavour profiles of our single origin coffees. Cold brewing also ensures the acidity level is balanced with sweetness and provides a cleaner smoother finish.

The Frank and Earnest approach to cold brewing is simple:

  1. Deconstruct the brewing process
  2. Analyse what creates the best flavours
  3. Design custom roasting profiles and brewing methods to deliver an outstanding coldbrew coffee.

It's a very natural process. There are no additives just 100% pure Bury St. Edmunds water, freshly roasted and ground single origin speciality coffee and a whole lot of love and care.