About Cinelli

Founded in 1948 by Cino Cinelli, an Italian road cyclist who became a professional racer between 1937 to 1944. Cinelli won the Milan–San Remo in 1943, the Giro di Lombardia in 1938, and the Tour of the Apennines in 1937.

Cino became interested in bicycle technology after experiencing mechanical failures during races. He began developing innovative new product designs, but failed to gain manufacturer support from others in the bike industry. So Cino partnered with his brother Giotto, who was producing steel stems and bars in Florence. He soon moved the company to Milan, and soon moved the company to Milan, which had become the center of the Italian cycling industry…and art.

In 1978, Antonio Colombo, owner of the world-renowned Columbus tubing, assumed presidency of the company, and in 1997 Cinelli became a division of Gruppo S.r.l. The company is still—to this day—run very much like a family business. And like all lovers of cycling, Antonio still very much enjoys riding bikes.

In recent years, Cinelli teamed up with San Francisco-based MashSF to create the popular Cinelli MASH frames, which are widely used in the fixed-gear culture. Cinelli’s fixed gear bikes and frames have dominated at fixed gear criterium racing events and enjoy a strong presence at the velodrome.

Less well-known but equally impressive is the brand’s road bike lineup.Cinelli road bikes are timeless, classic designs, crafted from high quality materials, with a dash of Italian pride and artistry.

Ride Cinelli. Experience the legend.

Cinelli bikes in stock

SALE PRICE: £2,700

SALE PRICE: £2,700


Steel is back with this competition frame made with Columbus Spirit super oversize triple-butted tubes. Entirely made in Italy. A classic look with modern details, from the head tube to the monococque carbon fork and molded chain stays to contrast transmission force.



2017 CINELLI Experience Veloce

The Experience is a perfect entry-level road bike, the likes of which you won't see out on the road every day. The Experience features brand new tubing profiles and all new geometry, making the experience just a suitable for road racing as it is for winter training. The conical head tube and oversized fork give absolute steering precision and control.