About our custom bike builds

Let us custom build the bike of your dreams

Whether it’s a fixed track machine, cyclo-cross bike or an exotic pro team replica, if you’re thinking of building your own dream bike, rather than simply walking into a shop and picking a machine or just clicking ‘buy’ on an impersonal website… then, come and talk to us at Bicicletta. 

Having a bike custom built gives you total freedom. You’ll eliminate the parts of stock bikes that you generally have to endure rather than enjoy, and decide exactly where you want to spend your cash. Want to save money by buying a top alloy frame, rather than a carbon chassis, and free up more of your budget for the groupset and wheels… go for it. 

Here at Bicicletta, we can help you painstakingly choosing each and every part, exactly as you want it. You can choose your perfect groupset, wheels and finishing kit… right down to the colour of your bar end plugs. We can build your bike with mechanical, electric, hydraulic or wireless transmission and brakes. The frame is often considered the heart of a bike, and we can build your dream bike with some of the very best Italian framesets from Cinelli and Colnago.

Custom projects built by perfectionist ex-pro team mechanics.

At Bicicletta we're as fanatical about your dream bike as you are.