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About The Coffee Officina

The Coffee Officina was founded in 2013 by Marcella Fiori and Rory Lloyd.

“We were both working and living in London when we decided to take up this new adventure and start our own business. We wanted to merge our two passions, coffee and design, into one concept.

The Coffee Officina is a small workshop and laboratory in Matching Green, Essex where we experiment and find the best coffee to roast, brew and supply.

We hand roast small batches of seasonal and ethically sourced coffee.

By adjusting our roast profile to the type of coffee bean, we are able to bring out the best flavours and aromas of each varietal, processing method and origin. Then we brew and taste the coffee until we are satisfied.

Our ambition is to inspire and educate people on the world of coffee and make the process more transparent for everyone.

Our products are influenced by our travels, our cultural backgrounds, the passionate people we work with, and diverse styles and flavours of the coffee beans we supply.

We love what we do and we want to share it with everybody.

Drinking great coffee can be a rewarding and exciting experience, not just a commodity.”